e invoice

E-Invoice provides our sellers with an easy way to create and email invoices to their buyers. The E-Invoices can be viewed online by the buyers, with the amount outstanding and a link to process payment online. Upon successful payment the buyer can print or receive an email receipt. Seller can easily check at any time for the status of all the invoices, knowing which ones have been paid and which have not.

How does this benefit the Sellers?

  1. Allow your online business on Facebook/Instagram to accept payment online via *MyBillPayment* — Simply get customers’ emails and send the E-Invoice!
  2. Flexibility in quoting custom made product for specific customer e.g. describe your product in whichever way you want to meet your customer’s request
  3. Add a valid period for your payment link e.g. Pay By 16 Mar 2017
  4. Add a special notes/message to your buyer e.g. “A kind reminder that our promotion coming in two weeks!”
  5. Keep track on all outstanding E-invoices and their status

Kindly see below for a few samples and find out more by visiting *My Account → My Shop → E-Invoicing*
Note that you have to register as *SELLER* in order to use this feature.



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                                                           Create an Invoice                                      View an Invoice                                       Pay an Invoice