Custom Headshot Illustration


A Full Colour, Full Background Headshot of the Character of Your Choice!

Shading will be simple, but the background will be full of colour, patterns and even sparkles!

Please note: This is a PREVIEW LISTING–!

For those interested, prices can range from BND $27 to $67 (USD $20-$50) depending on character complexity. 

To obtain a headshot illustration from me:

1. Please contact me at and we can discuss what you’d like drawn.

2. Once discussed, I will set a price.

3. I will then proceed to list a NEW ITEM on my shop, specifically for you, at the price I have given. This is considered a ‘Private Listing.’

4. I will provide you a link to this privately listed item via email and you can add it to your cart and make payment. 

5. Once I receive payment, I will start working on your illustration! 😀

6. The finished illustration will be provided to you via email in High Resolution, PNG/JPEG format Only!

If you have any questions, please contact me at and I’d be happy to assist you :)



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