Refund / Return Policy


MBP Marketplace highly recommends the seller to act responsibly to entertain the buyer’s complaint, request for a refund, or request to replace the goods. Each seller must have their own refund and return policy to be clearly stated on the shop page and settle the dispute with the buyer.

In most cases, MBP Marketplace will only refund the buyer with the consent of the seller. We have the right to investigate and request for the proof and documents from both parties to help solve the dispute. However, if the buyer is on the right position and the seller lacks appropriate actions and communications between the parties, we will hold the seller’s account and refund the buyer.

Possible reasons for refunding:

a. Item received does not match with seller’s description on their shop and the seller has no more stock to replace it.
b. The buyer did not receive the item within the stated delivery period by the seller.

Possible reasons for returning /exchanging goods:

a. The item was broken or spoiled when delivered.
b. Item received does not match with seller’s description on their shop.

Items ineligible for a refund

a. Intangible items such as services
b. Used items
c. Perishable goods (e.g. flowers, food, newspaper/magazines), Sanitary goods, Downloadable software items.

How to request for a refund

a. In the event of seeking for a refund, the buyer is advised to approach the seller first to resolve the dispute.
b. If the buyer is not satisfied with the seller’s reply or there is no follow-up from the sellers, the buyer can send us a dispute form. Please note that the form must be submitted within 3 working days upon receipt of the item/s.

How do we refund the buyer

If the refund request is approved (after deliberation and close dealings between parties), the refund will be made via bank transfer to the buyer’s bank account within 7 working days.

Tips for resolving or avoiding a dispute

a. The seller must specify their own delivery policy and refund policy.
b. The buyer is advised to read product description thoroughly and carefully before making a purchase.
c. The buyer is advised to check the products carefully upon receiving them and resolve any issue with the seller immediately if unsatisfied with the items delivered. If the delivery is carried out by a third party, the buyer can refuse to receive the product if unsatisfied with the products. Please take photos of the received items while it is unboxed and when it is out of the packaging.
d. The buyer is advised to be proactive when seeking for a refund. Please note that the request must be done within 3 working days after receiving the product (especially for electronic items). Otherwise, the dispute can only be solved between the buyer and seller.
e. The seller must ask the buyer to sign a ‘delivery order form’ and keep it for their record, then inform us that the delivery has been completed via “My Account > My Shop > Orders”.

Page Last Updated: 19 Feb 2016